GPUG Tech Conference Review

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GPUG Tech Conference 2018

This week was the annual GPUG Tech Conference (#GPTechConf) in Fargo, ND.   My quick summary is that everyone I spoke to said the event was great – packed full of useful content and great networking.  I too thought it was a great event (even putting away the bias that comes because I was on the planning committee 😊).

Now the breakdown….

Day 1

Monday started with an opening session where it was announced that the next version of GP – version 2018 R2 – will be released early.   We get some great new features in October!

Jen Kuntz from Energy+ and Mariano Gomez from Mekorma have some good blogs on the new stuff coming out so I’ll just link instead of retyping – Jen’s first day recap and Mariano’s Intelligent Edge blog)

After the opening session, Belinda Allen from NjevityKerry Hataley from Nanook Software, and Mariano Gomez had a “shootout” creating several different Power Apps.  It was great to see them walk through the process and see simple examples that add great functionality to GP.   Kerry showed how to create bar code inventory count functionality from his cell phone with seamless integration into Dynamics GP.   Can’t wait to try to recreate that one on my own!

Then the breakout sessions began.  I focused primarily on the Consulting track, but heard great reviews of the sessions for the Developer track as well.  Shout out to our very own Paige Horne for presenting a great Payroll/HR/ACA session at the very first GP conference she’s ever attended.  Great job Paige!

Day 2

Tuesday was a bit of a whirlwind, mostly because I got the privilege of presenting in 3 of the 5 breakout sessions.  I truly love presenting at this event and am flattered that I was given the opportunity!

The first session I attended on Tuesday was SQL Server Life Hacks by Shawn Dorward from Interdyn Artis.  As expected Shawn’s Life Hacksalways contain great nuggets of information.  But I have to admit that the session I presented with Rod O’Connor from Briware Solutions and Bob McAdam from Dynamics Communities called “Speed Dating: “Yes, GP Does That” was by far my favorite.  It was a great interactive session where GP partners openly shared great tips, favorite modules and cool things they’ve done in and around Dynamics GP.  Such a great community.

Right after Speed Dating – my second favorite session was an “Ideas Panel” where I joined Jodi Christiansen and Terry Heley from Microsoft for a discussion on what Dynamics GP partners would like to see in GP.  Again, another open and interactive session where the partners got to be heard and ideas were bounced around from both sides of the court.  Keep an eye on the “Ideas” site in the near future for some added requests.  A big thank you to Jodi and Terry for helping me out!  Repeat – such a great community.

Day 3

Wednesday – the final day – was a short day with only three sessions.  I attended a review of GP PowerTools by Dave Musgrave with a nice developer twist, a Workflow overview by Shawn Dorward and a nice wrap up session discussing Dynamics 365 Business Central in conjunction with (not replacement of) Dynamics GP presented by Shawn Dorward and Rod O’Connor.

I won’t go into the advanced networking “sessions” that happened in the evenings, but suffice it to say that I met a lot of new people and definitely expanded my network!

This is one of my favorite conferences because it is partners only – don’t get me wrong, I love interacting with the customers too – but it is a great opportunity to learn more and keep our favorite product thriving.  I hope this conference will continue far into the future!