Dynamics GP Beyond the PSTL Suite – Additional GP Tools

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Dynamics GP Beyond the PSTL Suite – Additional GP Tools

Years ago, Microsoft released the Professional Service Tools Library (PSTL) suite which added some highly needed options to Dynamics GP.  There are several blogs about this set of tools including a really nice summary by Anya Ciecierski.

But did you know there are Additional GP Tools?   These tools have been around a while too, but they are often unknown or forgotten.  The tools are available for partners to download, so if you are a GP user you’ll need to contact your partner to get them.  For partners, just search PartnerSource for PSTL and they are on the bottom of that page.

Now let’s review these Additional Tools!

  1. Detail Payroll Activity Tracking – Let’s you track what was changed, by whom and when within the payroll module.
  2. Auto Dim – This tool is for Integration Manager and allows you to launch GP and run integrations then have GP auto close.
  3. Auto Post – Also for Integration Manager, this tool allows you to call a COM DLL to post Sales Order Processing, GL Transaction Entry, IV Transaction Entry and RM Cash Receipt Batches.
    **Requires VB6 runtime to register the dll, not installed by default on a new operating system**
  4. Average Days to Pay – Adds a calculation to GP which shows average days to pay per customer.  Can be used once or can be installed to run continuously (must be installed on all workstations).
  5. PO Returns – This tool will consider returns and disallow invoicing of returned quantities.  When invoicing a receipt in POP, this tool will check the quantity previously invoiced and the quantity returned for the line item. The maximum quantity allowed to be invoiced =

Quantity Shipped – (Previous Quantity Invoiced + Quantity Returned).

  1. RM Auto Apply – Just what it sounds like, this tool allows Mass Applying posted RM Credit Documents to posted RM Debit Documents. You can range by Customer, Debit Document Dates, Credit Document Dates, & Credit Document Type.
  2. Shipment Notification – The Shipment Notification tool will allow Drop-Ship sales orders to be transferred to invoice prior to invoicing the purchase order
  3. SOP Sort Line Items – Allows users to create and use Sort IDs in the Sales Transaction Entry window so line items are sorted by many of the line item fields.
  4. SOP to POP Line Reordering Utility – This tool will reorder the line items of Purchase Orders generated by the SOP to POP link process to be in the same order as they originally were on the Sales Order.
  5. SOP Tax Schedule Roll Down – This tool allows the Tax Schedule ID in the Sales Customer Detail Entry window to be used for the Sales document header and line items instead of pulling the Tax Schedule ID from the Customer Maintenance window.

Each of these tools has a separate download, install documentation and installation files.  Some also have Microsoft Software License Terms so make sure you read all the applicable documentation.   Hope you find one that will really help you out!