Toppings & Extra Stuff

Toppings & Extra Stuff

Integrity Data Payroll Enhancements - Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll functionality with Integrity Data ACA compliance, additional benefits functionality, and more.
Greenshades Payroll Taxes - Ease your tax filing—automate it with Greenshades.
Avalara Sales Tax - Avalara helps to streamline your sales tax process by linking to Microsoft Dynamics GP for advanced, up-to-the-minute tax rate calculations.
eOne SmartConnect Integrations - Advanced Integrators utilizes eOne SmartConnect for your integration needs. SmartConnect is a feature-rich product, which allows you to easily map your data into Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with some advanced scripting options to accommodate your needs.
eOne SmartConnect Advanced Queries - eOne also provides SmartList Builder and SmartView to boost your internal Microsoft Dynamics GP query functionality.
Nodus Technologies eCommerce Credit Card Processing - Nodus provides easy credit card processing from within Dynamics GP, from a related eCommerce site, or from a customer-facing online bill pay portal.
Willoware Lean Manufacturing - Willoware helps Advanced Integrators to provide simple manufacturing solutions for customers who don't need a full-routing, travel ticket, time-tracking manufacturing setup. Willoware also provides some additional enhancements and tweaks with their GP PowerPack.
Wellspring Software MICR Check Printing - PrintBoss by Wellspring Software offers an easy and affordable way to print checks, including the MICR line, to blank check stock. It also allows for signature printing, which can be based on check amounts.
Rockton Software Audit Tracking - Rockton Software Auditor helps you track each action in every Microsoft Dynamics GP window, one of the many helpful business tools offered by Rockton.
  And Many More - Advanced Integrators maintains partnerships with several Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide any and all needed enhancements to your accounting systems. If your core accounting product doesn't quite do what you need it to do, just ask us—we'll help you find a vendor with the solution you need!
Add-ONs are like condiments; they aren't essential but they make the experience richer and more fulfilling

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the same, fully functional version of Microsoft Office you use each day with full accessibility from the cloud. It's a excellent way to get your email and document storage off old servers and into a new, more stable environment.

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Azure Backup Recovery

Having off-site backups is a must for the security of your business and its information. Microsoft Azure Backup/Recovery functionality is an easy way to ensure you can still access your data, even when you can't access your servers.

Azure Infrastructure

Azure Infrastructure allows you to build servers directly in Microsoft's cloud.
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