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Installing and maintaining your accounting software on your servers.

You have full access to your data and can access/update/modify as you want.You are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all applicable hardware.
You are in full control of the security of your data.You are responsible for the security of your data.


IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service
SaaS = Software as a Service

With this option, you can own the software or you can “rent” the software on a subscription basis. You will be running your software on someone else’s hardware (private cloud).

You don’t have to upkeep/maintain the hardware and operating system, it is done for you.Someone else controls the cadence of hardware and operating system updates.
Easy to add memory or additional drive space.Someone else is responsible for the security of your data.
If you own the software, you can access/update/modify as you’d like.
Someone else is responsible for the security of your data.


PaaS = Platform as a Service (public cloud, e.g. Microsoft Azure)
SaaS = Software as a Service

Running your software on a public cloud (ex) Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. With this option you will only be able to “rent” the software on a subscription basis (SaaS).

No on-premise hardware to maintain.Limited or no options to update/modify software.
Basic needs are met quickly and easilySecurity and updates controlled by the software vendor.
Usually low price point.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Reporting - Advanced Integrators Oklahoma

Management Reporter:

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an interactive reporting application that financial and business professionals can use to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements. It moves beyond traditional reporting constraints to help you design a variety of reports efficiently.

Microsoft FRx:

Microsoft FRx is a software product used for financial reporting and analysis for small to mid-sized organizations. It is licensed as part of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.

SQL Server Reporting Services:

SSRS allows you to mine and report on any data from within your Microsoft Dynamics ERP accounting system. With SSRS you can create simple or complex reports joining data from across your accounting software and/or from other SQL databases.

Power BI:

Power BI utilizes an OData link to pull data directly from your databases and to present it in an easy to consume dashboard layout. You can deploy multiple dashboards to accommodate the different needs of your company such as the sales department or the top level CxO positions.

Jet Reports

Jet Reports offers a Microsoft Excel based method to prepare and present financial reports as well as other analytical reporting based on your accounting data.