Dynamics 365 Business Central Isn’t Dynamics GP in the Cloud

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In the last 6 months, I’ve been asked at least a dozen times about “upgrading” GP to the cloud version which it’s assumed is D365BC.  So I thought I would start my blog experience with a brief discussion on this topic.

The Short Answer

D365BC is not GP in the cloud – it is a completely different product.

The way I usually address this is to compare the Microsoft Dynamics product line to the Microsoft Office product line.   Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access are all completely different products but all fall under the Office umbrella.  Although the products under the Dynamics umbrella are all similar because the are all ERP products, GP, SL, NAV, AX and D365BC are none-the-less different products with different nuances.

Can you move from GP to D365BC?

There is a migration tool to help you move data from GP to D365, but it only moves master records – customer, vendor, items.   The chart of accounts is completely different in D365 and is handled with Dimensions and Posting Groups, so that will have to be implemented from scratch.  In addition, you can import data from Excel into D365, but moving history will not be an easy feat.  Most people will move over GL balances and open transactions, but leave the history in their prior system for lookups and reference points.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t move?

Please don’t read this as anti-D365BC article.  I’ve just completed another two day training class on D365BC and it is a very robust accounting software.  Some of the new features are really useful and the integration with Office can’t be beat.  We sell both products for a reason – some implementations are perfect for GP and some fit well into D365BC.

But the point I want to make, is that moving from GP to D365BC is not and “upgrade” or a “migration”.  What it truly is is a new implementation.  You’ll have to setup users and assign security, set the product up from scratch and map out how your processes will flow, modify/create reports and do full user training.

Will that be a path for some, absolutely – but it’s not for everyone.  As with any move like this you want to fully review the features and functionality to make sure it’s a move that makes sense.

GP is alive and well!

And remember, GP isn’t going away!   The roadmap goes years into the future and Microsoft is looking for new ideas and new enhancements for this flagship program.   If you really do want to put GP in the cloud, there are several ways to accomplish that as well – but that’s another blog post I think.