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New Year – New Streamlined Support Requests

Have you ever logged a support request of some sort and the return response is a list of questions. Read on to find out how the consulting mind works when reviewing new support request – and what to include in your request to get the best/fastest response.

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Open Source vs IP in the New App World - Advanced Integrators Oklahoma

Open Source vs IP in the New App World

To Open Source or to IP, That’s the Question! When I started doing consulting work in the accounting software arena 20+ year ago, it was a different world. Competitors were competitors – we didn’t mingle much and we certainly didn’t collaborate. But the mindset on that has been changing for I’d say the last ten years or so.

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Dynamics GP Beyond the PSTL Suite – Additional GP Tools

Years ago, Microsoft released the Professional Service Tools Library (PSTL) suite which added some highly needed options to Dynamics GP. There are several blogs about this set of tools including a really nice summary by Anya Ciecierski. But did you know there are Additional GP Tools? These tools have been around a while too, but they are often unknown or forgotten.

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A Different Take on SmartList Builder by eOne Solutions

A few years ago, we did a new implementation for a company whose prior software system utilized Microsoft SQL Server as the database They had years and years of history that they wanted access to, but converting that data was going to require a lot of time and money. So we gave them the option of just moving their existing SQL databases into the Dynamics GP SQL install and using SmartList Builder to access that data. There was no way we could convert all that data for the price of SmartList Builder, so they decided to give it a try.

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