The Knowledge Center

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Employees no longer require full-scale, start to finish training session on the Microsoft Office Suite products.  They have long since gained the overall knowledge of using those products.  Their training needs have certainly changed and our approach to training them has changed as well.

That’s why the Advanced Integrators Team created the Knowledge Center.  Our goal is to provide job-specific training of specialized areas of software products designed to make your employees more effective and efficient on the job.

Our Knowledge Center itself is a totally different approach.  The atmosphere is designed to promote a comfortable learning environment.  We encourage attendees to make themselves at home and enjoy our kitchen facilities, popcorn, drinks, café maker and healthy snacks.  Even the temperature of the classrooms can be altered with plush blankets for the students.

Your employees leave our Knowledge Center with the specifics they need to do their job and they only spend a half day away from the office.  This “small byte” approach helps them use their new skills immediately and keeps your cost down as they spend less time away from the office.

At the Advanced Integrators Knowledge Center, we offer classes in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, presented in a feature specific format.  Classes are built around common and logical groupings of features and techniques, insuring that you leave with the specific knowledge you need, delivered in a timely and cost efficient manner. Contact us by email at for more information.

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