About Advanced Integrators

Advanced Integrators is centrally located in Oklahoma City and we support customers over the entire state of Oklahoma. We have a branch office in Denver, CO and have customers in several additional states including Texas, Arkansa, Missouri and Illinois. 

Our Team

Our team of technical consultants understands business systems and accounting processes and this is what sets us apart from other ERP consultants. Our dedicated team is made up of certified consultants, CPAs, developers and networksystem administrators that are able to help with diagnosing issues you encounter from the hardware and underlying systems through the top level business processes.

Each of our team members has at least 15 years of experience, and most of our team members overlap in the skill sets they can deliver. This gives you a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise to help with any of your consulting and support needs.

Oklahoma City

Advanced Integrators - Oklahoma
Founded in 1998, Advanced Integrators has grown each year in client base and service offerings to small to mid-enterprise businesses.  In December 2007, the new AI Knowledge Center located in the heart of Oklahoma City, opened to serve the needs of businesses interested in sharpening the saw of software usage and automation of business processes....from financial information sytems to sales and customer management.

Our company was founded on the fundamental belief that developing trusted business relationships with our customers is the key to sustained success. We strive to treat each and every customer as if they were our one and only. Each member of our team understands what it takes to develop and nurture long-term, satisfied customers.


Our continued success has allowed us to expand into the Denver market!
The Colorado division opened in late 2007 and is managed by Mr. Brian Stephens.  He has over 15 years experience in the information technology industry.  Brian’s objective is to provide excellent customer service and cost effective solutions to our clients in the Denver market.  He will work with you as a client to build a relationship and become part of your team so he can deliver technology services that will fit your organizational goals.